design stories

is a series of interviews  with designers from all over the world. This initiative intents to give voice to the Brazilian ID community world wide, and make the design perspective of different cultures accessible to Brazilian designers.

We all have our voices and they deserve to be listen.
There's no better way of learning than sharing.


is an online community for Brazilian industrial designers. The main goal for this group is to connect who works on the creative industry all over the country (and abroad) in order to share knowledge and help the Brazilian ID community grow.

I believe when we do things together, we make it better.

WIID Chicago

is an non-profit organization that aims to continue the conversation about how to grow the community of female industrial designers in Chicago. Our goal is to help bridge the gender gap in the industrial design industry.

I am collaborating with WIID as a blogger and panelist.


is Brazilian non-profit organization at RIT. This organization has the goal of creating a space to celebrate of and experience the Brazilian culture on campus, as well as developing academic and career opportunities for RIT students.

I am e-board member and design manager.


Project Features

Design Wanted  | The Fresh Fridge 2021

Yanko Design  | The Fresh Fridge 2021

Yanko Design  | Veggies 2021

Yanko Design  | Miau Lamp 2020

Design Ideas  | Little Carnival 2019


IDSA RIT Chapter  | Building Your Process with Alex Lobos, Hector Silva and Tati Ferrucio

International Design Conference IDSA  | Graduate Student Merit Award 2021

Folkwang University of the Arts  | Tomorrow's Girl 2021

World Creativity Day  | Introdução ao Design Industrial - Da Teoria à Prática 2021

Semana de Design UFF  | O Que Você Precisa Saber Sobre a Sua Carreira Que Não Te Ensinaram Na Faculdade 2021

Semana de Design UFF  | Desenho e Suas Aplicações 2021

IDSA RIT Chapter  | Sketching on the Sixes 2021

Events + Exhibitions

MFA Thesis Show  | The Fresh Fridge 2021

Women In Industrial Design + being  | Barries 2020

Brazilian New Talents Exhibition  | Miau Lamp 2015

Brazilian New Talents Exhibition  | Laço Stool 2018


The Variable  | Tati Ferrucio - Student Spotlight

ATOMcast  | Trocando Ideias 4 – Diferenças do Design no Brasil e no Mundo 2020

ATOMcast  | Profissão: Designer 46 – Entrevista Tati Ferrucio 2020

Advanced Design Context  | 040 - Tati Ferrucio 2020