I'm tati ferrucio, a Brazilian industrial designer passionate about design and innovation.

I work in the creative industry since 2016, designing products for various markets such as toys, furniture, and home appliances. From Rio de Janeiro to NYC and now Dusseldorf, I've experienced various design practices worldwide, enabling me to push boundaries in design, manufacturing, and sustainability within corporate and consultancy settings.

From my practice, I have learned that design should bring out the best in us. My ultimate goal is to empower people to improve their quality of life and make a positive impact on their communities.

Design must suit people's lives in different times and contexts. It becomes  meaningful and timeless when it allows individuals to build lifetime memories, becoming an integral part of their journey throughout this human existence.


Learning from different cultures and co-creation are two core values of my work. Human beings are inherently creative, and culture serves as an expression of our community's identity.

When designing, I strive to create solutions that align harmoniously with the project's context. My cultural background enhances my ability to empathize with diverse communities and cultures, enabling me to access different realities and co-create new possibilities.

Embracing culture in my work has given me the maturity to reflect on my own values as a designer. Culture is dynamic and constantly evolves. I take pride in embracing and adapting to these changes.

As I continue to grow and adjust to new realities, I persistently question why we do things the way we do.


Design is on the edge of innovation. Designers are the pioneers in breaking the linearity of the product development process, reimagining our methods of making.

Our commitment to the environment is vital. As a designer, I aim to challenge the way we experience the world today, in order to deliver a sustainable and meaningful future for society. We cannot settle for anything less.

Since we are the most exposed to what lies ahead, it is our responsibility to drive society towards a more equitable and sustainable world.

I'm ready to deliver fun and clever design through an innovative design process, crafting the best solution for clients, customers, and the planet.


Advanced Design Offsite


Spring Cohort 02

(FEB 2022- MAY 2022)

Rochester Institute of Technology

(Rochester, NY - U.S.)

MFA Industrial Design

(AUG 2018 - MAY 2021)

BFA Industrial Design

(JAN 2015 - DEC 2015)

Universidade Federal Fluminense

(Niterói, RJ - Brazil)

Bachelor’s in Industrial Design

(MAR 2012 - DEC 2017)

professional experience

TATI Studio

(Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil)


(JUN 2022 - PRESENT)

LIXIL Global Design


Industrial Designer


(LIXIL EMENA, Germany | JAN 2023 - PRESENT)

Barkbox Inc., Super Chewer

(New York, NY - U.S.)

Junior Industrial Designer

(JUN 2021 - PRESENT)


(United States)

Mentor (Volunteering work)

(JUN 2021 - SEP 2021)

GE Appliances, a Haier Company

(Louisville, KY - U.S.)

Industrial Design Intern

(JUN 2019 - MAY 2020)

Indio da Costa A.U.D.T.

(Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil)

Industrial Design Junior + Intern

(FEB 2016 - JUN 2018)



Graduate Student Merit Award | IDSA 2021

Veggies | A’ Design Award 2019-2020 (Bronze)

Miau Lamp | A’ Design Award and Competition 2015-2016 (Runner-Up)

Indio da Costa A.U.D.T + Metalco

Edge Smart Bench | iF Design Awards 2019

Smart Shelter |  MDO - Montecarlo Prize 2019 Special Urban Design (1st Place)

Indio da Costa A.U.D.T + Colormaq

Verona Steel Kitchens | Movelpar Prize (1st Place) 2019